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Satisfaction evaluation of ISHK CE at Home programs by participants shows that the mean satisfaction in EVERY CATEGORY is between Good and Excellent. Participants rated on a scale of Poor, Fair, Good or Excellent.


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Complete Program Procedures

1. After registration, if you've ordered your CE test to be sent by email, it will typically be sent out the same day the order was placed, and at most within one (1) business day. If you've ordered it by snail mail, of course allow time for transit. Books for our courses may be purchased from third-party suppliers (e.g.,, or we can order the book(s) for you at the published prices currently listed on our web site. If you purchase your own book, please ensure you order the correct edition listed in our catalog.
Books are shipped via UPS Ground with scheduled delivery typically within approximately 5 business days.

2. Tests are multiple-choice and/or True-False questions. There is only one correct answer for each question. The number of questions is proportional to the length of the book and the number of credits.

3. A passing grade is 80%. In the event you fail, we will inform you of the areas that you need to review and improve upon and then re-take the test. Unfortunately we are unable to return your test once it has been submitted, therefore, we advise you to keep a copy of your submitted test

4. Test results are sent via fax, if requested, and by US Mail typically within 3 business days of receipt. For the fastest service, please provide your fax number when submitting your test.

5. Your certificate will be dated as of the business day we receive your test, not the postmarked date. Therefore, it is advantageous to submit your test by fax (800-223-4200). Please return your test by only one mode of delivery to avoid confusion and delays.

6. Tests may be submitted up to 2 years from the original date of test registration. All course registrations expire on the 2-year anniversary. Customers wanting to submit any test after the 2-year period must contact ISHK to ensure the course is still available and a flat re-registration fee will apply to receive CE credit.

7. No course may be submitted for credit more than once unless the book has been updated to a new edition and has been incorporated into our program. At registration, please inform us if you intend to register for a course you have already taken for a previous edition so we may verify your eligibility for credit. Registration will be at full price for new edition tests. It is your responsibility to know the policies of your governing board. We do not report your results to your board.


Continuing Education at Home in Psychology program was developed in 1993 under the direction of Charles Swencionis, Ph.D.


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"Wonderful format. Please continue." -- Carol Schneider, Ph.D. Ordered The Seven Sins of Memory

"Your selection of material is the best I have found for a practicing psychotherapist.."-- Nancy S. Richard, Ph.D. Ordered Eating Disorders

"Good program; easily fits into my busy schedule." -- Gloria M. Shaw, MA. Ordered Amoral Thought About Morality

"Excellent material." -- Richard H. Drew, Ph.D. Ordered Learned Optimism