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304 pages
9 CE credits

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Why We Never Think Alone

Steven Sloman and Philip Fernbach
Riverhead Books, 2017

EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES The reader will be able to:
Describe application of cognitive psychology to
• ignorance, that we do not understand much about the world
• the illusion of understanding, that we do not understand much about the world
• the illusion of understanding, that we do not understand what we do not understand
• the community of knowledge, that we rely on others' understanding
• the hive mind, that communal understanding is greater than individual understanding

Steven Sloman, a professor at Brown University, is a computationally oriented cognitive scientist who studies how people think. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of the journal Cognition. His previous book is Causal Models: How We Think About the World and Its Alternatives. Philip Fernbach is an assistant professor of marketing at the University of Colorado, Boulder, who studies how people think and make decisions.

Editorial Reviews

"Much of the discussion is compelling, and this book could well change the way you read . . . Still, his writing is entertaining and he's tapping into a rich vein, and I hope he will explore the subject further." --New Scientist

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