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288 pages
6 CE credits

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2nd Edition

Lee Wilkinson, Ph.D
Jessica Kingsley Publishers, 2016

EDUCATIONAL OBJECTIVES The reader will be able to:
• This revised and updated edition reflects the most recent progress in evidence-based assessement and intervention.
The reader will be able to describe:

• multi-step screening
• comprehensive, intensive, and generalized intervention
• special needs intervention
• the current state of the field

Lee Wilkinson, Ph.D, is an applied researcher, licensed and nationally certified school psychologist, chartered educational psychologist, registered psychologist, and certified cognitive-behavioral therapist. He is also a university educator and serves on the psychology faculty at Nova Southeastern University.

Fully updated to reflect DSM-5 and current assessment tools, procedures and research, this award-winning book provides a practical and scientifically-based approach to identifying, assessing, and treating children and adolescents with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in school settings. Integrating current research evidence with theory and best-practice, the book will supports school-based professionals in a number of key areas including:
screening and assessing children and youth on the autism spectrum

identifying evidence-based interventions and practices

developing and implementing comprehensive educational programs

providing family support and accessing community resources

promoting special needs advocacy

Illustrative case examples, a glossary of terms and helpful checklists and forms make this the definitive resource for identifying and implementing interventions for children and youth with ASD.

This volume provides an up-to-date view of the status of the field that will guide practitioners in the selection, use, and interpretation of evidence-based assessment tools and intervention strategies for students with ASD. Each chapter features a consolidated and integrative description of best practice assessment and intervention/treatment approaches for children and youth with ASD. It brings the topics of assessment and intervention together in a single authoritative resource guide consistent with recent advances in evidence-based practice.

This Guide is intended to meet the needs of school-based professionals such as school psychologists, counselors, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, counselors, social workers, administrators, and both general and special education teachers. Parents, advocates, and community-based professionals will also find this guide a valuable and informative resource.

Editorial Reviews

"It is rare that one book can pack so many resources and easy to digest information into a single volume!? Families, school personnel, and professionals all need the extensive, and up-to-date tips,guides, and 'must-knows' provided here. It's obvious the author is both a seasoned researcher and practitioner - a winning combination." -- Dr. Debra Moore, psychologist and co-author with Dr. Temple Grandin, of The Loving Push:How Parents & Professionals Can Help Spectrum Kids Become Successful Adults

"This book is an essential resource for every educator that works with students with ASD! The easy-to-read format is complete with up to date research on evidence-based practices for this population, sample observation and assessment worksheets and case studies that allow the reader to apply the information presented." -- Gena P. Barnhill, PhD, NCSP,BCBA-D, LBA, Director of Special Education Programs at Lynchburg College, Lynchburg, VA

"Dr Wilkinson has done it again. This updated and scholarly Second Edition reflects important recent changes regarding diagnosis and services for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder. With its numerous best-practice suggestions, it is a must-read for school psychologists, school social workers, and those who teach in general and special education." -- Dr Steven Landau, Professor of School Psychology in the Department of Psychology, Illinois State University

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